Projects :

Rhett DeVane

​Rhett DeVane and Bigfoot hang out

Rhett 's Mission Statement  ;


To share the richness, the juicy goodness, of the South.

To use her writing in some small way to fund charities she supports.

To give this sad, tired old world a few moments of laughter and entertainment.

Rhett believes in addressing tough issues.

"I love the South, and I am proud to call it my home. Still, we have many problems.

Through my fiction, I aim to shed a little light, open a few hearts and minds – as well as telling engaging, entertaining stories. I prefer books with reasonably happy endings. There are so few out there, anymore. Books that give the reader just a little hope that things will work out for the best."


Rhett has a dream :


To donate a percentage of her time and money to making the world a better place.

To this end, Rhett has pledged a portion of her books' royalties toward causes in which she believes.

Rhett's favorite character, ninety-plus-year-old family matriarch Aunt Piddie Longman, has this to say about dreams:

"When you have a dream, when you have your heart dead-set on something, aim for the stars!

Otherwise, you might just end up circling Uranus.".