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Eighteen-year-old Danae Gray flees Alabama and her abusive father the day she graduates high school with only her backpack, a handful of dollars, and no clear destination. She never expects to wind up in a small North Florida town with a mental institution on its main drag. Her aging motorcycle has other ideas. When she spots a woman who looks like an older version of Mouse, the sister who ran away from home when Danae was eight, Danae decides to stay, taking a mechanic job at the local auto shop.

The moment Mevlyn Jenson sees the young woman in the Wash-Away Laundromat, something about the big-boned, beaten-down gal tugs at her and she moves to uncover the person hiding behind the sadness. But Mevlyn needs help as much as Danae does, and the two quickly form an alliance. In exchange for room, board, and Mevlyn’s freely bestowed advice, Danae begins to help Mevlyn care for her terminally ill husband.

As Danae unravels the tragic secret surrounding her older sister’s disappearance, and Mevlyn comes to terms with the losses in her own life, Danae and Mevlyn create a new heart-family, filled with love and renewed hope.



Book one in the "Hooch" series of

Southern fiction now in Second Edition

Read the book that got it all started. The Second Edition of the novel that brought the characters of Chattahoochee, Florida, into the world is now available with a fancy new cover. Whoot!

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Rhett DeVane at the book launch for Suicide Supper Club

Bella Bella, Tallahassee, Florida

Book two in the "Hooch" series of

Southern fiction now in Second Edition

The cast of characters return! The Second Edition is now available!